Firepro, opinion as a second card.

Hi all,

I just bought a Powercolor AMD 7870 2Gb Tahiti le for gaming, (will be in my primary Pci-e 16x slot)
but i would also like to buy a workstation Firepro card when i want to do some light / medium modeling, simulations etc...
(i would put this can on my second pci-e 8x slot)

I'm looking to buy a used Firepro card, i found 2:

Firepro V8700 1gig : 230$
Firepro V5800 1gig: 100$

I can't any comparaisons for those 2 card, i'm not sure which perform the better,
all i know is that the V8700 is more a hi-end card but older generation, the V5800 is newer but mid-range.
Based on those price which has the best $ / performance.

last questions: Is the powercolor 7870 will perform better in 3d softwares than those 2 firepro card even if the card is a "gaming" card?

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  1. For the work you describe, just stick with the HD7870 and don't worry about trying to get a FirePro to work properly along side it. Honestly, I don't think you'll see any benefit running both in one rig.

    If you do decide to get one of the FirePros, the V8700 is the stronger of the 2 and would be a good choice if it was the only GPU in a rig.
  2. Humm, you think the HD7870 gaming card would perform better than those firepro in 3d softwares?
    Is the V8700 is at least twice as powerfull than the V5800?
  3. When you say light modeling and simulations, yes the HD7870 is enough. What specific applications are you planning on using?

    Yes, the V8700 is quite a bit more capable than the V5800. Just compare the specs and you'll see why.
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