near the end of burned audio CDs..................

Ok, i have a lite-on CDRW 24X drive and i've been burning audio CD's and whatnot and i notice that when i'm listening to an audio CD, once it gets near teh end of the CD (i'm assuming when the laser is reading more twords the edge of teh CD) it eradically skips, the farther out, the more it skips. actually, if the CD is of normal length u cant really notice it, only on fairly long CD's. has anyone heard of this before? do u think it could be the media i'm using, when i burn data files they seem fine, but i havent really thouroughly tested that.....

oh. and this is interesting, the fuji film CDR's i use, well the origonal pakaging says 1x-16x compatable, but there was a sticker over this that said 1-24X compatable, and it was the cheapest one at best buy, so i bought it. i i figured that after they had been manufactuerd, the 24X drives had came out and fuji film tested them and found that they could be rated up to 24X.... anyway, i guess if this is the problem i'll have to start burning slower till i use up all ONE HUNDRED of them, and that will take me a while. so anyway sorry to ramble on like this, thx in advance for any help.
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  1. i got the same cdrw it works fine for me, try neew media. i am ussing memorex 80min and some other media like that, and i have not noticed what your talking about.
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