Need Help - Best GPU for my needs!

I need help with choosing the right video card for my needs!

I'm upgrading from an old 5000 series I bought a while back, and I plan on playing games like DOTA 2, CS:GO, Battlefield 3, Crysis 3, Watch Dogs, GTA IV/V(if it's ever released on PC) and most current games on 1600x900 at high settings (ultra if it's possible)

My budget for the card is $250 AUD and I will be purchasing the GPU from ""

Hope you guys can help me out, thanks!
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  1. djangoringo said:

    Thanks! I have a question about this card, does the manufacturer 'Powercolor' have any difference from say Sapphire or Gigabyte when making this card other than appearance?
  2. It's a good brand, widely known, it offers the same warranty as the others, the reviews of the card shows, it's a good one, so nothing to be worried about, for 229$(aus dollars) for a 7870 tahiti le it's the best choice, even the 7850 2GB there is almost at the same price of the 7870 le.
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