Commpatible graphic card for gigabyte ga-880gm-ud2h motherboard

My PC configuration is
3.2 GHz Processor
I want to buy a comapatible Graphic card.
plz help
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  1. All modern cards use PCI-EXPRESS and will fit in your blue slot.

    It just boils down to WHICH card you wish to buy and you haven't stated the purpose. If it's for GAMING you might be looking at an HD7870 or something. If it's a basic card then just get an HD6450.

    If you have 32-bit Windows don't get a card with more than 1GB of VRAM.
  2. Thank you for the detail about the config, But i also have same spec
    I used HD 4600 1 GB DDR3

    But Now i like to use DDR5 Model will it be compatible ?
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