Assasins creed 3 lag help ..hd 6770.

I've been waiting a lot for this game & bought it from a local store..the game worked smoothly till I reached boston..then my fps dropped from 45-60 to 9-20 ..I'm very disappointed ..i googled a lot but theres no fix they say..
my specs r:
hd 6770 1gddr5 @ 960 core & 1290 memory
3 gb ram
dual core e5800 @3.2 ghz
1600*900 monitor
I tried the lowest settings but the fps r still same at only 35% gpu usage..
plzzz..give me a solution / a update link if released...
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  1. I'm not too experienced about this stuff. but I can tell you, that 3 gb's of ram, can't be good. that is not enough ram. You should have at the minimum like 8 gbs.
  2. This is most likely a bottleneck caused by your low system memory (RAM) and your CPU. You can TRY updating your graphics drivers, which may help some but I do think you have a double bottleneck.
  3. if you googled a bit, you'll see that the game has an issue with that area. even high end cards choke at that area of the game. and those are faster than what you have.
  4. bottleneck can't low the fps to such extent & I've latest drivers installed....
    some gamers claim to get 40-60 fps...hope they release an update soon..
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