Need a bit of help

So i have a decent computer in which i bought a few months ago, and im just wonder what power supply would work with my pc so i could run a specific graphics card.

My pc,

I was thinking of this power supply could work for my pc,

And the graphics card,

Im not such an expert on pcs but i think i have the gist.

Thanks in advance

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    The PSU is enough for about any single GPUs. Obviously don't but from best buy lol.

    Pretty good price on a more powerful card,21101.html
  2. I didnt state part of my question clear enough then but i loved your answer, will the power supply be able to fit in my computer? i dont know if they are universal or not
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  4. PSUs are relatively standard if you have a normal size case. Doesn't look like you should have any problems. You would want to measure from the back of the case over the pcie x16 slot to make sure the gpu isn't too long though. Looks like it's not a tiny case though but some of the really really big cards might not fit if there is a drive cage in the way or something
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