3 airport extreme + 2 wireless router + 2 extender, still problem

Hi experts
I have a 5 story concrete building. And on third floor I have adsl connection. So I have setup 1 AE (all 4th gen) there. Now its so difficult to get the signal on other floors. Looking for right solution, I have ended up buying 2 more AE, 2 netgear wrn2000v2 (tomatousb installed), and 2 netgear wireless extender. But still no hope with good speed connection. As I do not have much knowledge of networking having so much problem. I have access to LAN cable on each floor. Is there any way I can keep good connection on each floor provided all the equipment I have. Thank you all.
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  1. No one !!!???
  2. It' hard to reply to someone that has already gone out and bought equipment.

    You said you have Ethernet cable access on each floor. I'll assume each floor's cable goes to a switch downstream of a router at a central location. If you also have access to household power at the Ethernet cables on each floor, or at the switch/router then a sanitary Wifi install is possible. You may need to extend the Ethernet cables on each floor midway down a hall or room.

    The suggestion:

    With a 500' range in all directions, (except through concrete floors, of course) this allows one unit on each floor and if the reception through floors/ceilings is great enough, installing 1/3 the way down on one floor and then 2/3 the way down on the next floor and back to 1/3 next floor, etc.. will give greater signal density per floor. This all assumes the building is less than 1,000 Ft long and the signal can in fact penetrate the floors/ceilings.

    You could buy one unit on Ebay and connect it to a laptop to test it's effective range in the building to determine it's suitability for your needs and go from there.

    My 2 cents worth...

  3. Thanks. I don't mind spending some more and get a solid solution. I will look into unifi.
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