Lance Armstrong is still the man.

The banning and stripping of Lance Armstrong's titles is the biggest joke of all time.

0 - Positive Tests = witch hunt.

What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Lance I support you 100%

Thank you for your help in the fight against cancer!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D < 7 smiles for your 7 non tainted titles.

USADA < Is a Joke.

Travis Tygart has nothing better to do than chase down an an American Hero that hasn't competed in years.

Travis is a nobody trying to make a name for himself.

Hey Travis try going after some current cheaters.
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  1. +1
  2. I love the way they used a bunch of proven dopers, who most likely got lieniency in exchange for their "testimony", as justification. I smell lots of sour grapes here.
  3. Plus 1 too that.
  4. If they can find a clean competitor in those races, then they can give them the win, but I doubt it
  5. Is Armstrong still an "American Hero"?

    (very funny from here...)
  6. Yes he is still the man.
  7. So an American hero has the right to lie, use of substances prohibited by sports code, perjury and openly make fun of people?

  8. his fundraising for cancer is great,but as an athlete = epic fail
  9. OK, whos failing here?
    The people and organizations running these races.
    Not discounting whats been done, just pointing out what hasnt been done, very amateuristic this cycling racing
  10. In fact, about Armstrong's cheating (and not only), positive controls to corticosteroids were revealed in 1999, during the Tour.
    But it is clear that this sport is rotten by doping.
  11. This sport is second only to professional bodybuilding for PED.
  12. I think pro wrestling has a challenger here
  13. True , but it's fake , therefore entertainment not a sport......LOL
  14. No one can do what he really did even with doping.
  15. I agree ^
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