FTP Server: Windows XP or Linux

So I have some old parts:

AMD Athlon X2 4050e
Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H
2 x 1GB DDR2 800
(and everything else to have it fully functional and running)

Now, I would like to have it as an internet surfing machine as well as hosting some files for me and a few family/friends through FTP. I was thinking of using Windows XP and Filezilla Server, but I am also open to using linux.

I am wondering what are the benefits of using either OS as an FTP server. I Understand that linux has a steep learning curve, I've used it before but not much. I prefer this project be simple, but if the benefits of using linux over windows is strong enough I am willing to try. If you recommend linux, which distro and what program to do FTP, and why?
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  1. I personally use Win 7 and Filezilla on a very similar AMD box. I didn't even bother with Linux. The Filezilla works perfectly for me and does everything that I need it to. The fact that I got it to do everything that it does for me without having to go out there and learn a whole new operating system was a pretty big plus for me.

    BTW, this box also handles my "Archive Server" and runs remote desktop software as well. Its does all these things at once without issues.
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