Whats the best Video card for my pc?

I have a dell studio 540 with windows 7 and uad core processor.

I have a crappy OEM Nvidia gts 240 ( rebranded 9800gtx i think )

anyways he vid card fan broke an dcard is toast.

I hav a 350Watt power supply.

Im looking to get the best card that my psu can handle.

please give me advice on a video card that my wimpy dell desktop can handle.

I know the GTS 240 oem is an older card Im sure I cn get a newer card right?>
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  1. Since you don't have a lot of power I would go with the AMD radeon 7750, or the nvidia gt 640. They are both under a hundred dollars and will perform much better than what you have.
  2. Thank you very much man
  3. He can probably push for a 7770. I'm running a 7850 on a 380 watt power supply. Also you can get far cry 3 for free with some select 7770.
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