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I have a only 70 $ budget for graphic card, please tell me who is worth to buy. My specs: Intel e5200 2.50ghz, 2gb ddr2 ram. Deciding who is worth to buy HD 6670 1gb gddr3 or a GT 430 1gb. I appreciate all of your suggestion.
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  1. +1 for the HD 6670
  2. The 6670 is better by quite a bit than the gt430, that being said if you have $70.00 you could probably get a much better card than either of those if you snipe an auction for a gtx460se or even a gtx460 not the se---sucky edition. The se's are cheaper and they are decent cards for casual gamers.
  3. 6670 is your best bet at that price range go for it.
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