Help needing a gpu fan software

Hello guys i need a good GPU software that will let me set my fan speeds on my gpu manually. But it can't be msiafterburner or evga precision because they conflict with dxtory and i can't record. Anyone any suggestions really need help
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  1. You can use CCC to adjust fan speeds I think. I've never done it but, always used afterburner, but I think my one friend does.
  2. thanks for the reply, but sorry whats CCC
  3. ok I found it out lol catalyst but is that not designed for amdgpus would it work with a gtx 670
  4. It's designed for AMD by AMD, it has to be installed to run any AMD GPU, it part of the driver. Would it work with a Nvidia card? I don't think so, but Nvidia has their control panel which is the same thing. But for Nvidia cards.
  5. I use Asus Smartdoctor to control temps and fan speeds.
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