My computer keeps shutting down When playing Games

Recently my computer has started shutting down while i played games on my computer.
For ex.
I played Ava -Highest settings- And my pc shut down 15 minutes
I played Wow after Ava and pc shut down after an hour
I played Minecraft With Wow after and pc shuts down in 10 minutes

I have no idea whats wrong And my pc doesn't auto restart i have to manually press the button to open it again so i don't know whats wrong.

Pc Specs:

Amd-fx 8150 3.6Ghz
Amd 7770 Sapphire vapor-x
Gigabyte Ga-970A-UD3
Team Extreme ram 16Gb (4gbx4)
Psu: Antec 650w
Hdd: 500gb Seagate
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  1. There is most likely something overheating, go into the bios then go to health settings or advance settings (cant remember what one exactly) then chose to turn on overheat warnings/fan fail warnings, if you cant do that then keep the case open while you play and try to fgure out whats going on, example: hear for any beeps or strange noises, and make sure all the fans are running ect. Oh btw in the bios there should be a system temp, make sure its not to high.
  2. Oh okay Cool o.o Could it be a Psu Problem though ?
  3. philip145123 said:
    Oh okay Cool o.o Could it be a Psu Problem though ?

    Probably not with your power supply but it could, you metioned that it only just started doing this? have you upgraded anything resently?
  4. Nope i built this rig About 6 months ago

    But it turns out That when i got speedfan to check my cpu temps turns out The temps were at 70C! I was shocked because when i play games it hits 90C Is it true that the pc shuts itself down at thoose temps ?
  5. As per the motherboard, "All PCI Express slots conform to the PCI Express 2.0 standard". The video card requires a PCIe 3.0 slot so as the motherboard does not support that feature, you card is not using its full potential.

    The PSU is acceptable as the onbaord power connector is only a 4-pin connector, and the video card requires only one six-pin connector I'm always a goer for more power than required, good for heavy loads like programming, video editing and excessive gaming with graphic intesive features so a 700 watt PSU would have been my choice)

    If your temps are way over 70C then it could be a matter of thermal pste not applied to the CPU or that the heatsink is not properly seated.

    Internal fans are always a good idea as well as having the actual PC in an open area rather than under a desk (surrounded by books within cramped confines) or in an enclosed area that would not allow air circulation or good ventilation. Also, consider the room temperature as a guide to your PC temps.
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    That ^ is true, make sure that you have thermal paste applied to the cpu, it is a bit weird though, this just happening, maybe you acedentily bumped something out of place. make sure everything is pushed into place
  7. PSU don't have inafe Amps for video card
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