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Hey guys i know this is my first post, except i've used these forums so many time to help get an answer for my questions, this time however i need to ask it.
So i have a gigabyte z77-d3h motherboard with a gtx 660 OC works great. Except i want to install another 660, my problem:
my motherboard supports crossfire, but not sli!
I have Windows 8 running on it and norton 360 anti-virus. I turned all firewalls and anti-virus off while i tried running hyperSLI but that .exe file wouldn't even load up.
Really need help because i've preordered crysis 3 and ultra settings looked pretty damn awesome ;)
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  1. You can try hypersli but where your second pci-e slot only runs at 4x you may not get the full performance of SLI.
  2. Yeah the 0.96 version of that didn't work for me and i don't get why :/
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