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Sanyo dp26640 26" LCD HDTV as PC monitor

February 16, 2013 9:54:30 PM

I have a sanyo lcd 26" hdtv. My desktop has windows 7 operating sustem. AMD athlon(tm) ll x2 235e processor 2.70ghz. 64-bit operating system. (dont know if any of this matters) I do not have a graphics card inside my desktop cause it went out a few days ago. I am trying to use the tv as a pc monitor using a vga cable. When I hook my tower up to my tv though it says "pc out of range. please change your screen input signal resolution" or something like that. I know its possible for me to use my tv as a monitor because I did it the last time my graphics card went out I am just not sure how to hook it up because I wasn't the one who hooked it up last time. Can someone please explain how to hook up my tv before I throw it out of frustration? (and dumb it down for me please. basics i know but computer genius I am not.)