Extending wifi range using another router mn-700

I want to share my pc's wifi connection with a neighbor across the street. But i have been un-able to confirm that it can reach the net. With the configs i have tried.

I have cloned the mac addy for the wifiAP i have shared. This should be enough. And i should be able to walk it across the street and have it act as the same wifiAP. And he should have the net, via my pc.


I tried to use another wifi device to connect to the shared IP...And the router itself...But there was no internet.

I have tried to configure this router to work as a repeater as well using it's setup. This resulted in no internet connectivity over lan, and no wifi service listing. These is no way for me to tell it which router or device it should be repeating from...

I have tried manually configureing the mn-700 To use the same ip the other router does for it's services. The mn-700 doesn't keep the settings. When it does there is no internet or wifi services.

When i have it setup on it's own, no config changes...It'll connect over wifi to the router but there is no net. I can connect a lan wire going to the other router and renew it's lease. This will give the mn-700 an ip addy as if it were another pc. It uses this as it's WAN config.

I haven't been able to confirm that it has internet access...What is the proper way of doing this. Am I just doing it wrong?
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  1. can you reach your wireless router from across the street

    you could try the DD-WRT firmware and place the router in a window facing your neighbor's house


  2. Holy crap, awesome and thank you, emerald

    Do you know if this firmware has been installed and supported on an mn-700??

    Cool, yes it does. I'm looking over the how to's and such to determine if it's worth it.

    If i can't overclock it, it's not worth the hassle.

    If i can't boost transmit power...it's not worth it.

    I know wrt's firmware usually supports it...but not with all routers...it already is kinda hot.

    I'm wondering if it already has been upgraded and overclocked...

    Runtime code version:
    Boot code version:
    LAN MAC address:
    MAC address:
    Serial number: 4680xxxx1425
    Hardware version:

    When i backed it up to obtain what was there, it gave m,e a settings.dat that was full of squares...nothing i could read.

    I got it working today as is, 1 bar achieves 2mbits/s down and 3mbits/up

    and it was raining xD

    Lots of room for improvement.
  3. It's nice to use as a switch/booster it seems too...less dropped packets but it's stuck at 10mbps.

    I need to give this a try.
  4. dd-wrt.v24-9517_VINT_mini.bin and std

    and now micro

    doesn't seem to be working without the jtag mod.

    also noticed the chip used is bcm4702 not 4710... not sure if it matters

    Looks like ima have to do some soldering.
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