Graphics card or monitor issue ???

So first of all I wanna say that I'm using an HP L1710 monitor and I have connected it to my new graphcs card which is ASUS ATi Radeon HD 7750 so all is ok but the only thing that makes me disappointed is that I can see some "slight" horizontal lines which are going down across my screen which i didn't had them before on my screen so i thought it is a graphics card issue and i unplugged it from the motherboard and i connected my monitor into the onboard graphics where i get the same lines and they were even more "thick", so after that i connected my monitor again to the graphics card i re-installed driver but still i got those lines and then i bought an HDMI cable to connect it with my HDTV to see if i get any line but i didn't get any of them so i get them only when monitor is connected to my new graphics card via "VGA" cable and from my pc experience i think that my new GPU cannot handle vga output but in the other hand i got those lines with onboard graphics too, so really i don't know what causing those lines!! Please anyone help me and sorry for my poor English because it's not my mother language :)
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  1. Bump please !
  2. Is it moving or just stable and look like sh**...
  3. It's moving across the screen from top to bottom but i want to add that i have connected monitor on the laptop with the same VGA cable to test it and i didn't get any line so i get them only with my Desktop PC despite it is connected to "onboard" graphics or to the ATi Radeon i get the same lines moving on the screen !!!
  4. i guess the monitor is the prob.
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