GTX 670/ Power requirement issue

I've recently gained a small boost to my budget regarding my graphics card fund and am now looking at the GTX 670 models instead of the 660 TI models. The only problem is, my PSU. I have a thermaltake TR2 500W PSU.

The minimum requirement for the reference design of the GTX 670 is 500 watts, but I am going to buy a factory overclocked version. Some of the 670 models have a 550 W power requirement, while others stick with the 500W.

My question is, is it safe for me to rely on this PSU and go ahead with the purchase? Or do I need to invest in a bigger PSU?
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  1. For GTX 670 you'd better get an "600~650W"-level PSU at least, and preferably with at least "Bronze"-level of efficiency.
    Some 550W PSUs can feed GTX 670 just fine, but will be simply capped, which is no good at all. You definitely need that little extra with these beasts.
    I can recommend you a couple of very solid PSUs, if you do decide to hop onto "6xxW" mark.
  2. I'm using a 670 at 1254Mhz, on a 500w PSU. Unless your CPU pulls a stupid amount of power its fine. The power requirements are intentionally inflated so people with $10 power supplies don't blow their computer sky high.
  3. I say get a 600-650 watt. And don't get a thermaltake. I recommend seasonic, corsair, silverstone, antac and the higher end rosewills.
  4. I appreciate your comments! I'd like some recommendations on what 600-650W PSU's please. I found the 600W equivalent of my PSU on microcenter.

    I am currently using Thermaltake so I don't quite understand what's wrong with them as a company. My PC runs fine.

    Also, I'd rather spend less than $75-80 on a PSU. I am referring to the cx600W Corsair series.

    EDIT: I'm going with microcenter prices***
  5. Look up any review on a 670 and you'll be lucky to see one that bumps 350w total power consumption. It really isn't needed.
  6. Sarcor said:
    I'd like some recommendations on 600-650W PSUs please.

    Alright, but before that tell me, you're going to use only microcenter as the place where you'll be buying? Because I'd rather do it at Newegg or NCIX.'s my personal recommendations for you: get this or this. These two are quite solid choices (for your money, that is) that will completely satisfy your demands.
    If you can get them from microcenter, then it's fine. I just don't like microcenter because usually it has boring and rather small menu.
  7. Honestly, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go with microcenter because it is so damn close, there's no shipping fees and also, if anything goes horribly, terribly wrong, I won't have to deal with waiting around for a number of weeks while Newegg ships a new product to my doorstep.
  8. cookybiscuit said:
    Look up any review on a 670 and you'll be lucky to see one that bumps 350w total power consumption. It really isn't needed.

    But combined with the rest of the parts...
  9. CheesyHotDogPuff said:
    But combined with the rest of the parts...

    Total system power consumption...
  10. Whatever...
  11. I'm just struggling to find a reason why he needs a 600w PSU, when his setup most likely wont top 350w? 690's don't pull 350w so its obviously total system power consumption.
  12. cookybiscuit said:
    690s don't pull 350W.

    Are you high, or just that bad of a troll?
  13. I mean for the card itself. That cheesy guy obviously thought 350w was for the 670 without anything else.
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