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    Go with the PowerCooler 7870. It's a 7870 Le which means it's a 7950 chip that has parts disabled also toms hardware is doing a deal with newegg that gives a discount on the card right now. Here is the code PWCHD7850
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  3. Pretty much what he said, there are currently 2 brands that I can think of on Newegg that sells the Tahiti LE (whatever fancy name it is), SAPPHIRE, and Powercolor.
  4. i would get the Powercolor card as it's cheaper and you can overclock that card as high as the other... also i think it's the faster version 7870XT (TAHITI LE i think) that is really close to the 7950...
  5. I don't know when power supplies became something people fretted over. I've been building machines in the military and private sector for 15 years and it has always been "a power supply is a power supply." The cheaper, the better has always been my thing. As long as you have the wattage and with the low power consumption of the intel Core i chips and motherboards you most likely do. I just built a brand new system and I think a 300W ps was all I had and found it in the garage in a pile and it works just peachy.

    In other words, put your money in memory or SSD, after you hit 16Gb of RAM, put every extra dollar in SSD or GPU if that's your thing.
  6. Stop reviving a solved thread. By the way what are you talking about, rjenbody?

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