Connect two different IP address Ranges without router?

Is there anyway to connect two different IP address ranges without setting up vlans? Trying to setup something so I can test out a device that uses "BACnet Broadcast Management Device" and I dont have two switches to create a vlan.

On site they have a couple of ranges setup with vlans

A 10.169.51.xx
B 10.169.52.xx
C 10.169.53.xx
D 10.169.54.xx
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  1. try changing the netmask to
  2. Yeah, that wont work I need it to be on two completely different networks. The software I use picks up the bacnet router without even setting up BBMD
  3. No way to do this, the traffic for the networks needs to be filtered somehow, the only way to do that with one switch is with a managed switch and vlans.
  4. Guess, Ill give up. Tired Static routes, making a old home router a bridge without any luck
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