Trial W7 64 Questions?


is the present official release of W7 64 faster than the last official TRIAL release?

are there many improvements this early in the release?

tight for $$, when should i purchase the latest version?

RADEON HD4890 driver improvements for W7 64 bit yet? it seems very slow for the money the HD4890 cost? should normal desktop screens EVER have slow redraw? freezes for a sec or so?

is putting off getting the official release of W7 64 bit a trouble-maker for my system?


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  1. If you're still using the RC you're going to find it a little inconvenient real soon now.
  2. Release version probably a little faster, more stable and won't start shutting down your pc every two hours from 1st March as trial period comes to an end.

    Slow video, normally a driver issue, which should be solved with latest from ATI.

    If you are getting 3GB of memory or more Windows 7 Pro x64, is a recommended choice, you get 99% of everything that Ultimate gives your minus a few unimportant apps for a home user.
  3. The release version should technically be a little faster because some monitoring and reporting tools were removed from it, but it's nothing you're likely to actually notice.

    However you WILL want to get the release version soon because, as the other posters mentioned, the RTM version will go into the first phase of it's expiration process next month.
  4. Hello all,

    thanks for the replies.

    well, i guess its time to get the real deal!

    OK, W7 64b Pro is the best version for the cost? i have a small on-line business and run a multi-core CPU.

    so going from 4GB to 8GB is real-world noticeable improvement?

    who has heard anything about W7 and music recording issues? converter drivers?

  5. You won't notice that much difference between 4G and 8G unless you have enough programs running simultaneously that are large enough to require more than 4G of memory. But there will be some difference because Windows will use the excess for disk caching - how much that is depends on how heavily you use the disks.

    A disappointment for me was that Windows 7 won't let you record from the speaker (i.e, there's no way to record what the system is playing, only what's being input through the Mic or Aux In jacks).
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