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i have had my asus laptop for a little over a month, and so far i have had problems with my sound (left speaker keeps popping on and off), my keyboard(doesn't allow me to type at all), and most recently i go to turn my computer on and the screen automatically goes black after start up. my brother even did the whole pull the battery out count to thiurty thing and still nothing happend. i just want to know what i should do for future information because it cost over thirteen hundred dollars and has been giving me nothing but heart ache. for the record i don't know what model asus it is but it's the one promoted by the republic of gamers and has a silver keyboard layout. please help. my email is or thank you very much.
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  1. Hi,

    With all of those problems and spending all of that money and brought it SO recently, I'd definitely send it in for RMA or to return it where you brought it from without hesitation.

    Don't give up on Asus, you probably just have a duff one unfortunately.
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