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Whenever I use a secondary display everything lags. This includes opening / closing programs and folders and even inputting texts into a browser.

I've checked at the load of my CPU/RAM/GPU using windows task manager, core temp, and msi after burner and they were reporting little to no load and operating at normal temps.

I am using an ASUS 560ti DCU2 1GB with a Dell U2312HM as my main display and my secondary display is an HP 2710M model both using DVI.

I am using the latest versions of the BIOS for my MOBO and the latest drivers for my GPU.

Any input is much appreciated
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  1. This may be a silly question, but have you rebooted since making any changes in regards to monitor setup?
  2. Yes, it actually works best if I plug in the second monitor while windows is already booted.
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