I think it is my GPU

During game play on really anything but it is really bad in WoW, my game freezes for a few seconds and it just doesn't happen once or twice. This happens about 7-10 times during boss encounters and it is really effecting me moving forward with my new guild..... I do not know if it is my GPU, CPU, or MoBo...... I have the Gigabyte Z77X-D3H, i7-2600k, and an Asus GTX 660 Ti Direct CU II......... I was about to go SLI but if it is the GPU I'm going to send it back tomorrow. The CPU is about 8 months old motherboard about 1 month and GPU brand new...
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  1. How much memory, and of what frequency, do you have?
    For games like "Mists of Pandaria" or Guild Wars 2 you need at least 4GB to run them smoothly. The problem is probably (lol, a pun) in your GPU's memory starting throttling because you don't have enough standard RAM and thus all of your GPUs memory goes into drain quite fast because all rendering processes relocate on it, including caching and etc.
    It also matters what frequency your memory has, because, Windows 7, for example, officially doesn't have a support for memory with frequencies higher than 1333MHz:
    it will still work, but memory of higher frequency (like 1600MHz, 1886MHz, and etc) tends to cause glitches and bugs, because of the incorrect addressing and general instability, and that, at the other hand, can turn into slowdowns and lags in the end, I know that it sounds silly ("how could a memory with higher frequency be slower!?"), but it's true.
    It doesn't necessarily mean that it happens in the 100% of cases, of course not, but it does happen sometimes and that, quite possibly, might be your case.
  2. I have 16GB (2x8) of DDR3 1866 MHz ram... My GPU is OCd to 955 MHz and the memory clock has been increased from 6000 MHz to 6102 MHz.....
  3. Hmmmm...well, you DO have potentially-unstable memory with quite high frequency (just as I thought), so, really, the only thing I can suggest for you to try is that you'd get a couple of 1333MHz memory planks (or try downclocking your current memory to 1333MHz), and change for that, then try running the game and see if it works well. If it won't work better, then something else causes that, maybe HDD/SSD (highly unlikely unless your drive's like 5 or 6 years old)...well, anyway, at this current moment the only thing I can think of is that you try changing memory and come back here if it helps.
    Also, maybe also try running your GPU at the stock, "out-of-the-box" frequencies (but it's most likely that GPU has nothing to do with it at all).
  4. This may not be the problems, but is the internet connection stable?
  5. I highly doubt it's his internet connection (unless he's on a friggin' Dial-Up modem, or something....>_>).
  6. Cables do get old, or the (ISP) router wears out...

    at least it'll narrow the problems
  7. I have 25MB internet with all new cables... I've had this internet for a few months so it better not be the internet lol....
  8. I just reset my Bios so everything is at stock speed, the only thing I did was OC the CPU back to 4.2 GHz nothing special
  9. The Problem seems to persist, I don't know wtf is going on.... Could it be the motherboard not getting signal from something?
  10. What about memory? Did you tried to do like I suggested? Come on, man. :\
  11. Yes, I've switched the Ram out from a working perfect condition computer and it still is doing the lag......
  12. Hmmm...well...the only other thing I can think of, which can cause such problem, is HDD/SSD, really. :\
  13. both items are brand new..... FML
  14. So a HDD or SSD can cause a lag issue?
  15. Well, then...seriously...the only thing left is to blame developers for shitty optimization...or viruses, lol. %)
    I'm all out of variants, man. :\

    superhex101 said:
    So HDD or SSD can cause a lag issue?

    Of course they can. Well, mostly HDDs. Because even the slowest SSD would usually be faster than any non-RAIDed HDD.
    You'll see a significant difference in game's speed (especially if places or textures are loading "on the run", like in GTA, "Elder Scrolls", ArmA II/Day-Z, Butthurtfilled 3/Planetside 2, or most MMOs) if you try playing same game on "5200/5400RPM HDD" and then move to 10000RPMed beasts like the "VelociRaptor", lol.
  16. I'm currently on a 120GB SSD for OS and 1TB 7200 RPM WD black for storage
  17. Make sure you do not have any background processes that are using more than ~10% CPU. If I run firefox in the background, games lag like hell although my CPU is slow.
  18. Kitty: he's sitting on 2600K. That's not an issue for him, at all. :\
  19. OK so yea I just switched out the GPU knowing it wasnt it and the lag just got worse now its happening about every 5 minutes or less different ram different card

    I'm going to switch out the HDD in a second then reload OS/WoW and see if it happens
  20. Drivers?
  21. yea I've already checked the drivers they are all up to date.... That was actually the first thing I thought but now its not the GPU, not the Memory, not the Drivers.... I'm going to be doing fresh install of everything tomorrow see if it keeps going.
  22. Yeah do a fresh install of the game at least. That would be my first try anyway. Are you hooked up to the internet by cables only or is it wireless because those lag spikes sure sounds like a connection issue.
    Do you also get lag in offline games?

    I know it's probably not the problem but we have to rule out some of the things.

    Also even hough your GPU is brand new what is the temperature when gaming?
  23. Ok so I replaced the cord to my internet got a new router new HDD/SSD and the problem still exists.... Could it be the motherboard????
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