Upgrading Vid Card / worried abt bottlenecking

Hello all I want to upgrade my video card however i am worried about bottlenecking. Here are my specs. I am not too savvy with computers too.

Nvidia 9800 gt
4 GB ram
Pentium (R) Dual-Core CPU E5300 @ 2.60 GHz
Socket 775LGA
Bios: American Megatrend Inc. V2.5
Model: p43 Neo3 (MS-7514)

Which video card do you guys think i should get? My price range is around 100-200 $. Any help would be much appreciated! :)
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  1. Hd 7750 for that cpu.
  2. ASHISH65 said:
    Hd 7750 for that cpu.

    yeah i wouldn't go higher than 7750 or 7770 at top for an old CPU like this as you won't see any improvements cause you'll be CPU limited here...

    NVIDIA equivalent is a 650ti if you prefer the green side ^^
  3. Vapor-X is a Factory Overclocked card with a greater cooling solution, however with the price difference i'm more toward the stock design as 45$ more for the same card...(you can overclock it at the same level or really close)

    I'd pick the 115$ one as 160 for a 7770, you could get a 7850 for that price that is faster for sure...
  4. Awesome! thanks for such fasts responses. So your sure im 100% safe i wont bottleneck with that card right? because im really close from clicking the purchase button :) Also are you 100% sure it will fit in my compuer? i have pci express x16
  5. It will bottleneck in cpu intensive games can easily overclock that cpu to 3.2ghz with cooler to reduce will fit as pci exp are of same size and backward compaitable.update your mobo's bios to latest.
  6. Well i dont know if this is considered intensive gaming but i do plan on playing Battlefield 3 with the card, will it work? Also like i said im not computer savvy at all and honeslty dont feel like overclocking my cpu cause im scared of frying my comp >< But will a 7750 bottleneck under heavy gaming too or jus tthe 7770?
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    You not overclock your cpu then i go with hd 7750
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