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I have just installed an nvidia gtx650 and I am using the HDMI socket to HDMI on my Samsung SA350 monitor. After selecting "use nvidia settings" and setting the sliders in control panel and clicking on "apply" everything is ok to begin with. When I shut down and restart, the control panel still shows the sliders where I set them, but the appearance is not the same. If I nudge the digital vibranceby a tiny amount then it goes back to my settings. However - after several hours the image gradually changes as though I have been adjusting the contrast slider. I had the latest 310.70 driver and have tried it with different drivers back to 306.67. Can anyone help - or is it a duff GPU??Running Win 7 with I5-3570K and 8Gb Ram.
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  1. spent most of the day trying different settings and different leads all with same result - had no problems with my old GT430 - it just kept crashing in last few weeks. Tempted to take it back to supplier and get an AMD 7750 as there are no more GTX650 in stock anywhere near me
  2. Try an older driver. Does this correct it?
  3. oldest driver on nvidia site is 306.23 which I have now downloaded but its still not right. When I switch off and then restart it doesnt start up with same settings I had before switching off - I can get the settings back but after a couple of hours use the contrast seems to creep up to maximum psoition even though the slider doesnt move. Most annoying. Even tried the latest beta driver.
  4. Tried 2 HDMI leads and 2 DVI leads and get same problem - so connected with old vga lead and no problems whatsoever !! All settings kept as I set them. Strange though - I connected my old XP desktop with the DVI to HDMI lead to the same monitor with the HDMI input in monitor and it also works perfectly. Now have a spare mini-HDMI to HDMI that may come in handy oneday.
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