SLI does not work properly

hey guys,
i am rutger and i am new here, so i don't know if this is the right place to ask?

just a week or so i bought a second asus geforce gtx 560 for a 2-way sli. now that i have it i could play bf3 on ultra at 140 frames per second or so. it worked properly and i was real glad. but a few days ago battlefield crashed and i did not know what happened. i tried to reconnect, but after 3 minutes it crashed again. since then i've got that problem every single time i play bf3. for like ones ik got a notification/error message, it said something about DirectX, but i don't know what. i could not read it because bf3 crashed, and so did that message after i wanted to read it.
when my bf3 crashes, also my internet browser crashed.
when i play on ultra my bf3 crashes after 3-4 minutes.
when i play on high bf3 crashes after 15-20 minutes.
so i think when i play on medium i can play a little bit longer, but my bf3 still crashes after a amount of time.

my specs:
ASRock z77 Extreme 4
ASUS GeForce GTX 560
Intel Core i5 3470
8GB RAM, G.Skill.

i don't know if you guys need more information, or be able to tell me how to fix it. but i hope this can be fixed pretty soon.

NOTE: i tried a bf3 fix via origin, but it did not help because there were no missing files/broken files.\

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  1. Is your psu up to the task with headroom to spare? .......
    What exact model of psu do you have? Have you overclocked the cpu? (assuming k version)

    Tried all the usual virus/malware scans?

    Recheck your power leads into both gfx cards, recheck all other motherboard seatings/connections incase something came loose.

    Try uninstalling and reinstalling BF3

    Try re-downloading the latest nvidia geforce drivers (perform clean install)
  2. Had about the same problem and tried to repair it via Origin but no files were corrupt. I uninstalled it and install it again and that worked :P
  3. okay, thanks. i will try it. you hear from me if it worked out or not.
  4. Ok :)
  5. Did it work ?
  6. Smashing todd said:
    Did it work ?

    yeah great! i think it worked. i played on ultra and it did not crashe. thanks a lot.

    i took a while because i could not uninstall and install it again, but now you know.
  7. it did not work unfortunately. i think i had luck once there.

    but this is the message i sometimes get when bf3 crashes:

    DirectX function 'GetDeviceRemovedReason' failed with SXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG: Device hung due to badly formed commands.. GPU: "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560", Driver: 31090
  8. Oh. Update your drivers?
  9. i tried that already, did not work. someone at an other forum said i maybe had to give my GPU 5mV more? u know that?
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