Gigabyte 4GB 680 vs EVGA 4GB 680 CLASSIFIED

OK so what I want to know is which is better and why, as i am confused because they look the same on paper, but the Gigabyte card looks like it has better airflow, as it has 2 fans. The only upside the EVGA card has is the warranty. I want to get new cards every 2/3 years so i don't know if an extra $140 dollars should be spent for the EVGA cards (2 in SLI). Also, i heard there will be new 680s with 6GB VRAM coming out soon, and i don't need the rig for a couple months, so should i wait for that, or will a 700 series be out by Christmas?
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  1. There will not be a 6GB version. However there will be the Titan which rumored to be a single GPU card with 85-100% of the performance of a GTX 690 for about 900$
    I would go for the gigabyte because it is cheaper and since you don't need the warranty, you are fine :) but consider a HD 7970... seriously, great cards.
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