Internet says connected but cannot browse or play

Trying to get this computer online but nothing is working. Windows Updates will download and install updates. The network center says it has access and is connected to the internet with zero problems. However, whenever I try to browse the internet or play a game online it will not connect.

I've tried reinstalling my nic drivers. I've rebooted the router and modem numerous times.
I've tried ipconfig /release and /renew
I've tried netsh ip reset
I've turned off the firewall and uninstalled any old antivirus software.
All my settings are set to automatic.
There are 2 other computers, 2 wii's 2 xboxs on this network and they all run flawlessly.

It's a Gateway computer with Vista 64.
Intel Core 2 Q8200 with 8gb ram

Any tips would be appreciated.
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  1. Something is obviously blocking traffic on your local PC.

    There is a process to troubleshoot this... however it seems that you have done all those steps. I would recommend double-checking for firewall issues, and if it really is off... A wipe and fresh re-install of windows may be solution.

    I've had a PC a few years back that in the end I discovered, somehow lost the ability to communicate with IPv4 protocol. After bashing my head against it for 2 weeks I ended up just reformatting, and everything worked great.
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