Can you wireless bridge an E1000 with WRT120N?

I found the 120N at work and so far it seems to be garbage and a headache.
Just moved into an apartment and was debating running 30-40ft of CAT6 from bedroom to living room and see if I could set up a wireless bridge with the 2 routers.
I have an WRT54G I left behind as well, which I'm thinking to get back since it had Tomato and lot more capabilities.
Its a railroad style apartment so walls aren't an issue really.
Thinking to maybe even move the main E1000 to mid way point for best coverage.
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    the WRT54G and the E1000 support DD-WRT firmware but the 120N does not.

    you could try the 120N as your main router and use the E100 in Bridge Repeater mode.
  2. Thanks. I already had DD-WRT on the e1000 and was thinking if the 120N was the main one, it would work.

    In your opinion, do you think it's even worth it?

    Seeing the 120N only goes 150mbps it seems I'm probably better off having the 120N by my pc at one end of the house strictly wired and run cat6 to the living room in the middle and setup the E1000 there.

    I like setting up spare wireless routers with ridiculous SSID's.
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