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AMD A Series Dual Graphics

If I am running my A6 5400K with an HD 6570 card. They are running in dual graphics mode but I am wondering if I still need to install the drivers for the graphics card? I updated to the latest version of Catalyst.
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  1. How do you know that your internal GPU and your discrete GPU are working in tandem? What does Catalyst indicate?
  2. Catalyst shows its i dual graphics as well as Piriform's Speccy and CPUZ both show it too.
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    I would most definitely install that latest drivers, especially for a video card -- and especially for your system configuration.
    You must disable the GPU on-board your APU first _before_ installing the driver for your discrete video card.

    1) While computer is off, install your discrete video card (assuming it isn't installed already). Boot.
    2) While your monitor is still connected to your on-board video, go into device manager and disable the on-board video itself. Shutdown, then boot.
    3) Install drivers from accompanying CD. Then Install latest drivers from manufacturer's website. Undertaking both these steps will give you the option to "roll-back drivers" for troubleshooting purposes. Re-enable on-board video. Shutdown.
    4) Reconnect your monitor to your on-board video. Boot. Go into Catalyst and enable Crossfire.
  4. OK so just to follow up here...I am highly unimpressed with the whole dual graphics thing. I ran into some problems streaming netflix. Silverlight was becoming non responsive and talking to both netflix and microsoft found no results. After noticing that DVD and iTunes digital movies were awfully choppy and unsynced with the sounds, I decided I wanted to stand alone graphics card. I decided on a killer deal on newegg for a GeForce GTX 550 Ti. Thing works like a dream!
    Here is what makes me so unimpressed with the dual graphics setup though: when I uninstalled the HD6580, I noticed that the on board GPU seemed better. Just for the heck of it, before enabling my new card, I tried running netflix-worked perfectly. Tried playing a DVD...played perfectly. So I am not sure if my dual graphics setup was not running properly but it didn't work for me.
    I took the HD6580 and put it in my mom's PC replacing an old GeForce 8600 GT. The card by itself works great, which has left me with my negative impression of the dual graphics mode AMD is putting out there.
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