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Hey Im trying to buy a new card as mine has died, looking at around a £120 budget maybe a little more and I was thinking a 7850. IM now trying to figure out which one to buy. I noticed that I can get this :
Which is 130 but this:
For pretty much the same price but its the 2gb version. I know theres several versions of 7850s so maybe Im missing something or maybe that sites a bit dodgy Im not sure, could anyone give me some advice as what and where to buy?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I strongly advise you to buy the 2 GB version! Even at 720p most games are now using just over 1 GB so, to be future proof, you should buy the 2 GB version
  2. yah dude you can get a 7870 double d for like £147 on newegg
  3. 7870 you can clock to a 7950 too ive got mine at 1290 core clock
  4. 7870s are in your range. I recommend Sapphire, they are solid all around and a good value.
  5. Uhh I thought newegg only sold to US and Canada...

    Also AirSkiller is wrong, 1 gb is plenty for 720p.
  6. do U.K shops price match?
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