Far cry 3 problems.

i am having an error in far cry 3 that will not allow me to use Directx10, and also an error with bow and sniper scopes.
Could anyone please tell me a fix for this.

Many thanks, Tom.
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  1. there is no DX10 in farcry 3. it is either DX9 or DX11. you will be stuck in DX9 if you have a DX10 card.

    your full system specs and more details on the problem will help
  2. Intel HD Graphics 3000, 5gbRAM, intel core I3 processor.

    The scope issues is that the acutal scope has no crosshair, it is just a piece of glass.
    If you need the rest of the specs just say, i dont have them off the top of my head
  3. If you are running off of the hd3000 then im surprised it even runs. Are you using a discrete card? If not then there is your main issue.
  4. it runs okayish on all low settings, still getting heavy lag spikes but its playable.
    The graphics card (if you could call it one) is "intergrated" if that helps.
  5. i cant change the optical drives, graphics cards or hard drive due to it being a laptop.
    Its a packard bell EasyNote TS.
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