Evga 550 ti psu help

hello i am thinking of buying a evga 550 ti graphics card

the specs says it needs a 400 watt psu i have a 400 watt but don't think i have enough amps
which the card needs 24 amps

the psu i have now has +12v1= 8A and +12v2=13A so too me i dont have enought am i right

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  1. You are correct. Some PSU manufacturers put ridiculous amounts of power capacity on the 3.3 and 5Vdc lines but rob the 12Vdc rails in the process just so they can call it a 400W (or whatever) supply. You will need to upgrade to a "decent" (by decent, I mean certified 80% efficiency) PSU made by the likes of Seasonic or Antec.
  2. ok thanks, do have you any recommendations on any
  3. I'm not very good with PSU's, but I have a PNY GTX 550Ti, and it works very well with my 450W PSU. If you aren't certain of how it will work and you know your specs, you can use this website, which is very helpful.

  4. thanks for that like i said i have enough watt's but not enough amps on the +12v rails
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