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Testing my MSI GTX 670 PE

February 17, 2013 4:15:34 PM

I'm wondering if my card overclocks well or not. I'm using EVGA Precision X, Unigine Heaven DX11, 3DMark 11, and FurMark to test the stability of the card. With the settings below I don't crash and everything is stable.

Precision X Settings:
Power Target: 114%
GPU Clock Offset: +50Mhz
GPU Clock: 1254Mhz
MEM Clock Offset: +260Mhz
Mem Clock: 3260Mhz
Voltage: 1175
Idle Temps: 34c
Temps Never goes higher than 70c under full load at 55% Fan speed

Unigine Heaven Settings:
API: DirectX 11
Tessellation: Extreme
Shaders: High
Anisotropy: 16X
Anti-aliasing: 8X
Resolution: 1920x1080

Unigine Heaven Results:
FPS: 54.5
Scores: 1372
Min FPS: 27.7
MAX FPS: 137.8

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