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Recently, I bought a XFX Radeon HD 7750 graphics card from a friend, along with a 600 watt power supply. I installed the power supply no problem, but the card simply won't show up on the computer. I upgraded my computer from Windows XP to Windows 7 because I saw that the card wasn't compatible with XP, but the same problem persists.

I currently have Compaq Presario SR5350F PC with the only other non-standard parts being a Intel Pentium Processor E5800 and the new power supply.

Thank you for your time.
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  1. Alright, I've done some research around and saw that another user here was having the same problem with a similar card. They said that their card was PCIE 3.0, but their motherboard was only able to use PCIE 2.0 cards. I have a IPILP-LC (Lancaster8) motherboard, so do you think that I'm simply unable to use the card for that reason?
  2. Plug the graphics card in. Then plug the display cable into the motherboards VGA output. If it powers up fine then its safe to say that the PSU is not the culprit. Try that first. Then download the latest bios update for it. Also, Make sure the display output is set to pci express in the bios
  3. Hello there.
    Your Motherboard only supports PCIE 1.0, just so you know.
    HOWEVER, I have exactly the same card as you, and I also only have a PCIE 1.0 slot on my motherboard, so it shouldn't be a problem (unless the slot is damaged).
    The power supply should also be fine, as long as it's brand new, or not extremely old - I run my PC on a 500w Coolermaster PSU.
    Like haider95 said, try plugging your display into the Motherboard's onboard video-out port. If it works, then either the card or the power supply is faulty (can't supply sufficient power to the card).
    I take it that you've installed the AMD CCC drivers for the card?
    Reply if you make any progress, or need any further advice.
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