What is the better graphic card?

Hello, could anyone tell me what is the better graphics card for gaming, the AMD radeon 6380G or the Intel 4000? im no computer whiz so any help would be appreciated.
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  1. i take it those are integrated gpu's they wouldn't suffice for gaming unless it's casual, low res but out of the two it's the 6380g most likely not too sure anyhow for gaming you want a discrete card knowing the games you plan to run would help alot
  2. unless you find something that has switchable graphics I would buy nothing.

    search the net for information.
  3. Thanks for the replies, im just a casual gamer playing games like Napoleon Total War and other total war games, if this helps. im trying to find a laptop that would run these games slightly better, my current specs are:
    AMD E2-300 with radeon HD graphics, (Dual core 1.8)
    AMD radeon 6380G
    4GB RAM
    Sorry if i sound like a complete Noob!
  4. most laptops have 1368*768 res or something along those lines, any dedicated graphics card or a good amd apu should be fine not too sure on the apu part
  5. You should be very good with an AMD APU based laptop, a 7660D would be the best option available. I've seen them in action and they perform very good. Games like Batman Arkham City run over 30 fps on 720p high graphics.
  6. Okay thanks, so basically would it be better to stick to my current specs for this type of gaming than buying a new laptop that has these specs?
    Intel® Core™ i5-3210M processor
    6Gb RAM
    Intel Graphics 4000
  7. the intel stuff you posted is junk!

    did you search switchable graphics as suggested ? ( google )
    there are also intel based laptops with switchable graphics. but until you do a lot of reading and familiarize yourself with the hardware and what it can do, you will be tossing money away.
    It isn't just " i want to buy a laptop".

    did you read above about the AMD APU? do some research ( again, google )

    the apu ( in a new laptop ) would be the best bet under your circumstances)

    don't buy junk that will be no better than where you are now.
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