Locked bios on my new msi tf3 7950

so my new tf3 has locked bios. it apparently has a newer boost bios on it, it runs .950v to 1.250v and came clocked at 960mhz, but none of the overclocking utilities (trix 4.4bmod, afterburner, ccc etc.) will let me change voltage and im stuck at 1100mhz. i need to flash an unlocked bios.

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  1. Anybody....?
  2. Did you think a pre-built system would have an unlocked bios and allow you to overclock? Sorry to disappoint you but if you wanted to do that you would have needed to have built one or have someone do it for you.
  3. lol, i don't know where you saw prebuilt system... i built it myself almost two years ago
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