New Crossfire 7970 Concerns

Hey guys. I just picked up a crossfire setup for the first time and am having some issues with artifacts. These issues are introduced in 3dMark, Crysis 3, Sleeping Dogs. Farcry 3, ect.

The model of 7970s I got are the XFX R7970 Double Dissipation cards, with standard clocks of 925/1375. I have not attempted to overclock these.

I am running both of these cards on a XFX 850 Watt single rail PSU. Not sure if that is the issue or not.

I had some issues with sensors and monitors my cards via my desktop gadget/MSI afterburner because of something called ULPS. So I found a thread on what the issue is.

I went into regedit, and typed in, "enableulps" and disabled all the registry values that started with 1 and made them 0. The official thread didn't include these directions, and only said to disable a certain keys -

I just disabled all of them found in the registry, not sure if this is the issue or not.

Now I start out with download the 13.2 beta drivers. I never seen a 13.2a,b,c,d ect, so I am not sure which version they were. It was just off the official AMD website. I installed the drivers with a fresh install, rebooted and installed my up to date CAP profiles and rebooted again.

I got a few free games with my cards, so I booted into Farcry 3. After setting everything to max and using HDAO (Or w/e) since it's made for AMD I was instantly greeted by a flashing crazy screen of lights. It happens sometimes, and only a forced reload will fix it.

Sleeping Dogs, I am getting little odd square artifacts that are usually in the same area no matter where I am looking. Via the left side of the screen in the middle, or in the middle of the bottom of the screen.

Crysis 2 I get green artifacts when first stepping outside, or flashing skylights when looking through grates sometimes. It doesn't happen alot, but it does happen.

Just Cause 2 was extremely glitchy, and looked like the problem experienced with the Black Ops 2 support for the beta drivers.

I figured all of this was due to the beta drivers I downloaded, so I wiped them and used driver fusion in safe mode to remove all remnants of files and installed the latest stable version, 13.1.

I had to disable ULPS again, and I used the same method as before, disabling everything in the registry with a key -"Enableulps 0x0000 (1)"

And am now getting more artifacts so far in 3dMark free version, and Crysis 3.

I have yet to do anymore testing, but I am concerned I may have gotten a bad card, or my PSU is not up to par.

Can anyone suggest a surefire method to testing this to see exactly what the problem is?
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  1. Disable crossfire and test. If everything is OK, switch cards (put lower card in the upper slot and upper card in the lower slot), test again with and without crossfire.
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