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So i've recently build a new gaming computer and I've been having a lot of issues with the video card I put in there. It's a GTX 670. Galaxy is the manufacturer. Basically anything I try to run that is not DX10 or 11 will crashing in seconds. Literally everytime. I've tried to take it upon myself to fix the issue but I've had no luck. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or if I need to see about returning the card (which will be an annoyance by itself due to certain circumstances right now).

To narrow down what I've tried i'll just paste the conversation with Galaxy's tech support:

"Thanks for the assistance. I've seemed to narrow down the problem to not applications that use OpenGL but it's actually any game or program that uses Direct3D that is not DX10 or 11. I didn't realize this until later as this is a new build and I had installed a few programs. So while newer games like Borderlands 2 or whatever else run great under DX10/11 everything else crashes.

I've tried both delaying TDR and turning it off. Both suggestions mostly just made the problem worse. Turning TDR off requires me to restart the computer completely when it crashes as opposed to just delaying it having it eventually recover. I've tried changing PCI-E to gen 2. Any game I run will seem to run maybe 30 seconds longer after the change but the problem persists. I've also changed the "system performance" in the motherboard bios to "Normal" as opposed to Turbo or Extreme and that has tended to give me another minute or so on each application before crashing still.

I'm kind of not really sure what to do at this point. Here are some of the specs I'm working with if it helps any:

Motherboard: GA-Z77N-WIFI
CPU: Intel i5-3570k
Video card: Galaxy Nvidia GTX 670 2GB
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Nothing has been overclocked nor bios modded although I do have MSI Afterburner installed for monitoring temps. CPU tends to hover around 39-43 idle, GPU has been hoving in upeer 40s lower 50s in idle, 72 is the max i've seen it in load. The only particular thing i've noticed is a huge spike in power usage, cpu clock and mem clock at the time the video card crashes. I do not not if that's just part of the recovery process. It goes back to normal after. I've tried using the integrated gpu on the intel chip, works fine. I've swapped the card out for an old amd 4850, also works fine. These are the drivers i've so far:


All were clean installs. I've also done a complete wipe of Windows in between all the troubleshooting. "
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  1. After further testing it seems every single game crashes. Borderlands 2 just seemed to last longer before doing so (10 minutes). I didn't realize it ran in DX9 by default anyway. Instead of crashing to the desktop it artifacts and then freezes. I have to restart after that.
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