Sudden spike in GPU and memory clock causing high temp


I have 2 HD 4870 running in crossfire and as of today they are both experiencing higher temps only by a few degrees so im not too worried about that.

But the second card seems to run hotter than the first. Not only this but the GPU and memory clock are stuck at 775 Mhz and 950 Mhz respectivly which may seem to be the cause of the higher temps.

The figures are showing even at default settings and don't change when i switch defaults.

Any ideas????

I dont really want to uninstall as yet but if i have to i will but hope theres another answer.

One more thing, I did swop them around yesterday i.e the top one is now bottom and vice versa but i dont see this being a problem.



AS pro 4m
2X 4gb Integral ram
i5 3570
2 X HD 4870
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  1. Never mind. started game back to normal now.
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