The eternal question: 256 MB DDR RAM or 512 MB?

I realize that more RAM can't hurt, but will I notice a significant diference between having 256 MB or 512 MB of PC2100 RAM?

Most likely system config:
XP 1700
Soltek SL-75DRV5 KT333 Mobo (anyone know if it's any good?)
64MB Radeon 8500
40 Gig Maxtor HD (7200 RPM)
Windows 98 SE (or perhaps Win XP)
and so on and so forth

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  1. If you go winxp, get 512, you will notice the difference when closing apps(although not when running them).

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  2. Agreed, RTCW and MOH:AA will thank you for it. :smile:

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  3. i think so yes.
    win2k and XP are greedy operating systems.

    i ahd 512 of sdram, but recently a stick died, leaving me with only 256.
    and since i have not enjoyed the change.
    i can easily fill all the ram with a couple of internet windows open, chat programs running and then try to play a game in the background.

    get 512 and dont look back :)

    The way my life is going if i expect nothing i
    will still end up being dissapointed. :frown:
  4. These and Deus Ex... I'll be damned when I put in 512MB and see the game exit faster!
    But new games somehow exit faster. This new one from Fishtank, named Beam Brakers, has intensive DX 8.1 GFX, it loads fast and exits fast.

    PS: On average, after intensive gameplay of over 30-60 minutes, Deus Ex takes about 1 minute or more to completly shut down and be able to use the comp. Even then it still has a little memory to free. That's on an AthlonXP 1600+ with 256MB DDR, Epox 8KHA+, GF3 Ti200 and WinXP.

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  5. hummmmmmmmmmmm sounds intresting... looks like i'm gonna get another stick of 256mb.. i have only 256 at the moment.
    will it be faster if i get a single 512mb stick rather than two 256mb stick. i'm probably gonna mix brand as well.
  6. i think havin two sticks is the same...but i wouldnt mix brands, especially if ones a lot better/worse than the other like i did....xp and 2k bsod frequently :(
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