Are these molex pins incompatible? GTX 650

Hello Community,

I bought a Geforce GTX 650 2GB recently because my GTS 250 on my (prebuilt) gaming desktop was feeling a little old.

I did something pretty bad, however, and didn't do much research before I bought GTX 650. :non:

In my glee, I rush home to connect the graphics card. However, because I don't really know a single thing about graphics cards, I noticed that the molex pin connections were pretty different looking.

The graphics card came with the standard 6 pin connection to the graphics card to two molex three pins (1 black, 1 red, 1 yellow).

However, what I was using for my old GTS 250 (no sli, but this is the cord that was being used) is a 6 pin of three yellows and three black cords:

Is that compatible? Could I plug that into the new card? And if they aren't, what would happen if I did connect it? :sweat: Ahem...for a day or so.

My power source is this 700 ATX by the way:

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  1. Also, none of the four pin connections I have are just one black, one red, and one yellow like what I received with the graphics card. They're all one yellow, two black, and one red. Is that a problem? Or does it matter if I already have what I showed above?
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