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I have a new 80gig maxtor and I am going to give my old 20 gig to a friend of mine. How do I make sure that any and all information is completly removed from my old hard drive? I would hate to have someone use system restore or some program that brought up my personal information.Is there a way to completly erase a hard drive and keep anything from being brought back?
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  1. Symantec has a utility in some of thier packages that is called WipeInfo that will write to every spot on the hard drive multiple times. You might be able to get this program from a friend for use this time.


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  2. Thanks I will get it.
  3. Hey Matt,

    Just so you know, you don't need to buy any utilities to do this. Most hard drive manufacturers include utilities to diagnose and repair their products. This way, they can reduce the number of claims that can be repaired with the software, rather than having to send it to the company.

    Anyway, if you bought this HD retail, there should've been a disk with diagnostic program. If you got it OEM or can't find the disk, you can go to the Maxtor support page and download one. Look for a Low Level Format utility, or an equivalent. For IBM, they call it "Erase Disk". (Simple naming scheme, huh?)

    FYI: If you run this LLF (Low Level Format), it will write zeroes to every sector on your hard drive. So, this will take a while. Running this overnight would be highly recommended. :smile:

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