DVI-A to VGA adapter Not Working with VGA Tv.

I have a computer with DVI-I. I went to bestbuy and bought a DVI-A to VGA adapter thats what the guy told me I needed and went home plugged the VGA into the TV and the other end into the adapter and the adapter into the computer and nothing came up. it didn't work.
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  1. What is the model of your TV?
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    Ok, first thing we need to know is that card.

    Some newer cards only support ONE VGA out and still have what looks like DVI-I, but may not carry the analog signal.

    If you have 2 DVI ports, try the other one if you can.

    Now once you have it all connected, you have to use your video cards software or even windows to swap screens.

    Win7/8 can use START + P to switch screens.
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