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Hello, I came across this while on newegg looking for a new gpu How do you guys feel about refurbished hardware? For this price it seems like a no brainer considering its normaly 450+ new. I want a 7970, but if I can get a 680 for the same money im goin to, just dont know if refurbed hardware is ever a good idea. Another thing is would this card still hold its original warranty from evga?
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  1. read the rx terms in the warranty one years
  2. i personally would not risk it. that is a lot of money, and without a peace of mind for that amount of cash? that is a no no, just my 2 cents of course
  3. Its just such a good deal though...... Its hard to pass up a deal dang it!!
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    I would say not go for it. Its not worth the risk. Had a laptop start failing on a friend 2 months after the 1 year warranty expired. If aren't able to find the issue with the card as to why it had problems (if it was refurbished due to a bad fan then pfft got for it :P), then don't get it

    If it was a cheaper card then I would go for it but with this much cash no way

    The 7970's are close in price though

    $20 for the extended warranty is worth it
  5. this brand new 3 years warranty nearly the same price as the refubished
  6. I've been thinking here lately that I should just get the 680. I had my mind set on the 7970, but I need to make sure that i'm goin to be happy with my purchase as its not going to be a cheap one.
  7. I dont think 420$ is worth it for a 680 in my opinion. a refurbished one for 420 is something that I'd probably avoid. Id rather get a brand new good 670 then a possibly good or not 680 for the same price.(and 670s should be less, so are 7970s)
  8. Well I was looking at some 670's also, and there in the same price range as the 7970. I dont know which would perform better though. I need to make up my mind because im goin to purchase a new gpu in 5 days.
  9. OC 670 can beat a 680 adn even factory OC ones can get really close
    latest drivers

  10. Man this is tough. The price performance of the 7970 is hard to beat, but recently im leaning towards nvidia. The 670 would be the better choice between it and the 680, so it comes down to the 670 and the 7970.. I just dont know lol
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