Cant get nvidia gtx 660 ti to work with my computer

Im pretty new at this stuff and maybe my computer isnt compatible with it. I bought this computer:

It only had an NVIDIA GT 630 video card in it and it wasnt very nice at all so I thought I would upgrade it. I bought an 850 watt psu with 25 amps. The video card required 450 watts with 24 amps. I Uninstalled the drivers for the old card, plugged the new card up but i cant get my monitor to display anything with the new card. The fan seems to be working on the new card as the computer boots up but nothing will display. If I plug the old card back in it then the monitor seems to work. I have tried every combination if VGA, DVI, and HDMI from the monitor to the new video card that I can think of. I also tred the VGA to the VGA on the mother board and nothing. What am I doing wrong? Or is it that my mother board doesnt like the 660 ti? I cant find the motherboard model name either unfortunately.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Im getting such a headache from this...
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  1. PCI- Express Aux. Power is a good possibility....Most ATI and Nvidia GPU Cards extra power than you think......check your PSU to see if there is a 6 or 8-pin connector and plug it your video card......this don't work....then you have a bad GPU card.
  2. well there is 2 four pin slots right next to each other and I have them both plugged into the power supply.

    Does it look like it would be compatible with that computer? Thats not the problem I am having is it?
  3. 850 watt psu with 25 amps on the 12 volt rail right? If so that doesnt sound right.. I have a 750 watts with 62 amps on the 12 volt
  4. Some motherboard have trouble with Gen 3.0 PCI-e cards and going into the bios to set the card at PCI-e 2.1 was working (i don't know if you can as the motherboard model isn't listed on the link you send)

    Also is that an MSI power edition card ?? I've seen those card not booting as MSI overvolted their cards and it was no longer in the "standard operation range" so some motherboards failed to boot...
  5. determinologyz said:
    850 watt psu with 25 amps on the 12 volt rail right? If so that doesnt sound right.. I have a 750 watts with 62 amps on the 12 volt

    Maybe it's multiple 12V rail of 25 amps each ???
  6. Not sure... I dont know enough. Maybe I read the back of the PSU box wrong?

    Here is the card:

    Here is the psu:

    PSU Box says:

    On the video card there are only 2 slots to plug anything into. They are 4 pins each. I assume those are the rails right? I have both of them connected to the power supply.
  7. Yeah, it's the 12V you need for a GPU, you have 70 amps on that so not even a problem at all ^^
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