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HD 7950 w/boost problems

February 18, 2013 1:46:46 AM

Hello, thanks for taking the time to read my post,

A couple days ago I replaced my 6850 with the 7950 w/boost. I installed the newest drivers (13.1) and there was virtually no change in fps. I was playing SWTOR and SC2 and in both cases where there was action (like a warzone or the GTN) it gets the same fps as my old card. When idling with nothing around I get about 60fps in both SWTOR and SC2, which drops to about 17-24 in warzones/some SC2 games. Anyone have an idea what could be causing this?

After I owned it for one day I got, "display driver stopped responding and has recovered." Then I got the notorious blue screen of death. I uninstalled the drivers, used drivesweeper in safe mode, then re-installed (today). So far I have had no issues but the FPS is no different (I'm using the 12.1 drivers instead of the 13.1 at the moment.) Anyone have any idea what this could be? I know people who use weaker gpu's but get better fps.

My Specs Are:
OS: Windows 7 HP
MB: GA-870A-UD3
Mem: 16gb DDR3 Corsaid Vengeance 1600/chan
PSU: Corsair TX 650W
CPU: Phenom 2 1090T six core 3.2ghz/core
GPU: Sapphire 7950 w/ boost

I play at 1080p

I am running everything stock, no OC. Any input is appreciated.

P.S. I have no idea why this thread double posted, sorry.

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