Shader model 3 support?

I am trying to install a game called Primal Carnage through steam, but everytime i get in the process of it i get the error message saying that I dont have "shader model 3".

I am not sure what i need. I have tried using a program called 3danalyzer to emulate a new graphics card but that was a failure.

How do i get this game to work for me?

I am running windows xp pro SP3 2002

Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.53 GHz
2.52 GHz, 1.5GB RAM

What other information do you guys need?

Trying to spend as little money as possible.
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  1. you will need a new graphic card which supports shader model 3
  2. You'll need a Shader model 3 GPU and possibly on AGP as your Pentium 4 is really old and it's surely an AGP model over the newer PCI-e that become standard in the Pentium D erra...

    I found this one to be available:
  3. I am not skilled at all regarding hardware.

    Do i need to buy a specific graphics card? And is installation as easy as screwing it into my CPU?

    Please walk me through. Much appreciated.
  4. ya you have to buy a new graphic card but an old 1 coz your processor is old
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