How does the 660Ti compare with the 660 (GK106)

I just upgraded from a 9800GTX+ to a Geforce 660 (GK106)

The thing is, I keep seeing a lot about the 660Ti. How it has 400 more shader cores and more texture units. I mean, you figure this should be a big deal, especially since I got my 660 for $100 less than the Ti. But I don't see many benchmarks that really show $100 worth of performance over my card. In some cases, it BEATS the Ti. I mean, there are higher clock speeds, sure. But it seems like there's some big catch. Like there will be some new release or driver patch that shoots the Ti way ahead.

I know I speak in hindsight, here, but would it have been worth it to shell out for a 660Ti? Or would that have been a waste of money?
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  1. nVidia GPU naming can be confusing. But yes, you have a GK106 part(as is the 650 Ti), but the 660 Ti is different. It's a GK104, like the GTX 680 and 670; but with even more of the board disabled(some say broken) than the 670(which itself prob wasn't a good enough yeild to be a 680).

    Anyway the 660 Ti is still rated ~20 percent more powerful(graphically) than a 660. But uses only 10 more watts(~7%). 150 watts vs. 140 watts.

    GK 106 = 2.5 billion transistors
    GK 104 = 3.5 billion transistors
    GK 110(Titan) = 7.1 billion transistors

    and then there is core clock speed(s), memory speed, memory bandwidth, ect...
  2. A very trusted site guru3d reviewed performance of video cards in far cry 3 with latest drivers.Here you will find the answer you're seeking.,6.html
  3. Guru3d and this site are probably my two most visited websites. Love those guys!

    From what I've seen, though, the 660 has higher bandwidth and a higher clock speed, which, for the most part, compensates for many of the 660's shortcomings.

    Either way, I'm not sure if the difference I'm seeing is a $100 difference. eh?
  4. In his game,NO!
    but in crysis 3 there is ...
  5. According to what I've seen about the beta, it's a difference between 38FPS and 45FPS between the 660 and 660Ti. I suppose it's notable, not noticeable. I think I'm fine where I am.
  6. yeah it actually depends on which AA option you are using in crysis 3.If you use fxaa or txaa 1 then the 660 ti gives 45 fps.With msaa 4x it drops to 35 and the 660,below 30.With msaa 8x,well... never mind!
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